Film Stills
Fashion Behind The Scenes
Photography is my passion and my life. I have worked in the industry for over ten years as an assistant and now as a photographer. With no formal training other than a BA Hons degree in History of Film, I learnt everything I know from freelance assisting. I have been fortunate in experiencing many wonderful and diverse shoots over the years.

I started by working for a variety of advertising/fashion photographers. I then moved onto working as first assistant to the great portrait and fashion photographer, Julian Broad. Finally, I spent two years as 1st assistant to the renowned Vogue fashion photographer, Tim Walker. The wealth of experience and knowledge I gathered from them has been paramount and invaluable.

I am now working full-time as a photographer with film stills and behind the scenes photography being my speciality. The film stills I have done so far have been printed in British Vogue, The British Journal of Photography, The Sunday Times Magazine, The Observer Review, Dazed and Confused as well as many others. The behind the scenes photographs have been used for a variety of publications most significantly Mulberry’s 40th Anniversary Book which celebrates the many photographers with whom they have collaborated.

I love the work and completely understand the importance of being discreet as well as taking powerful and emotive images which capture the moment and also its creative process. I will take on any challenge however big or small and would love to be involved in a variety of projects.

- Francesca Foley